Blogged: Snow White Vibes.


Ran out in the snow in a silk 1910s child’s dress that I’ve been meaning to photograph for almost 2 years. Of course, the images I liked best we’re hugely out of focus, so I threw them in for heavy editing. These probably won’t make the blog because I don’t like that you can obviously see how much sharpening etc., I did but :p

Which is perfectly alright as that’s what tumblr is for!


 L’ecole des Femmes


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Amy Adams | W Magazine


clever nettle: elvira madigan & loup charmant

need that dress!  why am i so broke this summer?

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When people post their purse contents and it’s all so nice— mine looks like this. #unholymessofagirl #thisiswhyicantfindmykeys

Also those fabric strips are rags so I can curl my hair on the go.


As somebody with a mild obsession with the moon, I find these adorable. 

Chanel RTW S/S 2014

New blog post! Winter Wear.